Showing investors, shareholders, suppliers and the general public trust – an annual financial statement is an essential document that not only reflects the company’s performance, but also determines its success. In addition to companies that are required to submit audited annual accounts due to their size, smaller companies are increasingly choosing to have their annual accounts audited.

Tax consulting makes up the central pillar of our work. However, we go above and beyond that. With our performance portfolio comprised of consultancy services and legal advice, auditing and tax consulting, we create a service that thinks for you.

Our services in the field of auditing.

  • Voluntary and statutory audits
  • Auditing according to MaBV and FinVermV as well as other similar audits
  • Advice on investment and financing decisions
  • Valuation of companies and intangible assets with or without an expert opinion
  • Help with the purchase or sale of companies or parts of companies not only within the framework of due diligence
  • Changing over accounting to international accounting standards and preparation as well as auditing of financial statements according to international criteria
  • Assistance with reorganisation