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Client login to HPTP OneClick

Submit your documents and receipts simply and with no hassle digitally. We provide our clients with the service HPTP OneClick. Just log in, upload files and benefit from additional services such as fast reports.


Client login to ASP

The sooner we receive your current accounting data, the faster we can analyse the data and advise you in a sound manner. As a client with ASP access you can record your accounting entries quickly, easily and without hassle using this secure connection.


IT support

We provide various tools for you for a simple as possible cooperation. If technical problems occur our IT team can help you quickly and easily via the TeamViewer remote support.


Client magazine tatort:Steuern (crime scene:​taxes)

Read our client magazine tatort:Steuern also available in digital format! In addition to your print copy, we provide you with an online version for computers, tablets or smartphones.

To do this, simply click on the respective link.