Our services combine fiscal universal knowledge with industry-specific specialised expertise. The focus of our work is on five industries.

Our specialised expertise in a wide range of industries is based on many years of consulting experience. Internal specialist groups, tailor-made training courses and day-to-day dealings with our clients enable us to regularly keep track of the latest developments within an industry. We are more than happy to pass on this newly gained as well as existing expertise to our clients. Our clients benefit from specially developed tools, brochures and newsletters with industry-specific information as well as client events that focus on specific topics.

Our specialisation in different industries saves you from explaining the idiosyncrasies typical of a particular industry because we are already familiar with the specific structures and challenges of your market environment. We work with external partners to develop interface solutions, such as industry-specific software so that processes between your company and HPTP are seamless integrated. This allows us to focus entirely on your individual issues and develop your personal tax strategy.

Real estate and construction

We have extensive knowledge in the diversified real estate and building industry. Whether architects, contractors, project developers, brokers, and landlords or property managers, we are fully familiar with the special challenges the real estate and building sector presents.

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Franchise companies often have a particular complexity that requires, above all, technologically advanced solutions. At HPTP, you will find a centre of innovation explicitly devoted to optimising and evaluating companies.

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Cultural and creative industries

At HPTP, we are familiar with these unique features of good art and refrain from offering you standard solutions that are not feasible. Instead, we work closely with you to develop practical options. Many reputable art galleries, art institutions, artists, designers, authors and other creative artists have benefited from our services for many years.

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Non-Profit Organisations

Anyone who thinks about setting up a foundation with a portion of their assets, or who already heads a non-profit organisation, requires special advice. It is good thing that you can rely on certified foundation advisers at HPTP who believe that involvement in social and cultural activities is not just grey theory but an ideal they live and breathe.

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We bundle our expert knowledge for decision-makers from service providers in various industries and sizes in our core industry services. We closely monitor changes in legislation for different corporate forms and always advise you on the latest developments.

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