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Non-profit organizations have special needs in terms of advisory services. This is because both financial reporting as well as the tax and legal support for these organisations do not necessarily correspond to standard requirements. Our experts not only have well founded theoretical expertise but also have many years of practical experience in working with and for associations and foundations.

We offer the following services for non-profit organisations with different legal forms:

  • Help with setting up a foundation, formulating the articles of association and agreeing them with the competent authorities
  • Filing corporate tax, trade tax, VAT returns and, where applicable, declarations of public interest
  • Preparation of annual accounts, cash method of accounting or reporting on the use of funds
  • Help with implementing requirements for documentation regarding public funding laws, in particular the donation laws
  • Assistance in trust management of your foundation
  • Review the annual accounts of your foundation according to relevant auditing standards
  • Advice on specific VAT issues, in particular relating to the special-purpose and commercial operations
  • Create separate profits for your areas o special-purpose and commercial operations as well as the ideal area