HPTP is an award-winning provider of comprehensive advisory services for the following industries:

Every industry has its own specific structures and challenges. We are aware of these unique features and factor them into our advisory services. We place a special focus on five industries:

Real Estate

Whether architects, contractors, brokers, property developers and project developers, landlords or property managers, we are fully familiar with the special challenges the real estate and building sector presents.

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Self-employed the systematic way – franchise models are popular yet also very complex. We support you, the franchisee, in setting up and managing your own company or assist you on your way to becoming a franchiser.

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Creative Industries

Commercial art is not considered a normal good. We are well versed in the art market and offer customised solutions for your tax issues.

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Non-profit organisations have a different need in terms of advisory services than profit-oriented companies. Our certified foundation advisers will be more than happy to assist you.

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The service sector is diverse and requires in-depth knowledge. We bundle our expertise for decision-makers from service providers in various industries and sizes.

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